RV Premium Mattress by Thomas Payne

Size: King - 2020000138
Sale price$765.95


The Thomas Payne memory foam premium RV mattress by Lippert is designed with intelligent, moisture-wicking materials is made to react to your body’s temperature — keeping you cool, comfortable, and dry, for an improved sleep experience.

Quick Facts:

  • 10” Dual Foam Layer Mattress is available in 4 Sizes: Queen, Short Queen, King, & Narrow King
  • 1” Top Layer - 2.2 lb. Memory Foam, Infused with Charcoal Cooling Gel
  • 9" Comfort Support Base Layer is made of 1.56 lb. foam
  • Moisture-Wicking, Smart Temperature Materials
  • Mattress Barrier - Eco Flex, Fiberglass
  • Ships compressed & double-bagged in a box to prevent damage & easy handling
  • Fits on any flat, secure surface - box springs, slated bedframe, or floor
  • 6-Month Compression Guarantee
  • Warranty: 10-Years
  • King Size Dimensions:  76" x 80" x10", 65 lbs.
  • Narrow King Size Dimensions:  72" x 80" x 10". 62 lbs.
  • Queen Size Dimensions:  60" x 80" x 10", 52.5 lbs.
  • Short Queen Dimensions:  60" x 75" x 10", 50 lbs.

Most of the standard mattresses out there can leave you only dreaming of a restful night’s sleep. That’s why we designed the Thomas Payne® Mattress. Our mattresses deliver on comfort, coolness, and support, so you can count on a good night’s sleep.

Maintaining a constant body temp is key to quality sleep. When your body heat rises, our cooling management materials are triggered to respond. Designed with the same intelligent, moisture-wicking materials used in athletic performance wear, our mattresses are engineered to react to your body — keeping you cool and dry.

All of our materials are safe for your skin — including our Eco Flex, fiberglass-free mattress barrier. 

Made with dual, foam layers, our mattresses combine a 2.2lb., 1” memory foam top layer infused with both charcoal and cooling gel, along with a 9”, 1.56lb. base layer to give you all the comfort and support you’re looking for in a great night’s sleep.

The infused charcoal and gel in the top layer work together to naturally eliminate odors, absorb excess moisture, and release trapped heat. This allows the mattress to breathe, control moisture, and regulate temperature.

We ship the mattress compressed and double-bagged in a box for extra protection and convenience. When compressed, its easy to make it thru doorways, around corners, or up the stairs, and set up is very easy.

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