RV Shades

Pleated Shades are offered in Day, Day/Night and Night fabric options.
Pleated Day Shades are manufactured with a sheer or see-through type of fabric, which provides light and shade at the same time. Day Only shades would be used in applications where total privacy is not the primary function i.e., sun rooms, vans, etc. Depending on the fabric, there are varying degrees of transparency with this type of shade.

Pleated Day/Night Shades offer the best of both worlds, actually two shades in one. A night fabric will pull all the way down for privacy, or, it can be moved all the way to the top, exposing a full length day shade. Either one can be set in any position for maximum flexibility. Day/Night shades are very popular in a variety of applications including residential, RV, commercial and marine. They also allow for various decor opportunities, as the two different fabrics can be different colors and hues if desired.

Pleated Night Shades provide total privacy when extended to the full down position. A variety of fabric types are available including Stitchbond and others. For those who desire maximum privacy, a blackout liner can be applied to the backside of the fabric. This eliminates nearly all light infiltration. Night Only shades are excellent in a variety of applications, including residential, RV, commercial and marine.

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