Everchill 40 Quart 12 Volt Electric Cooler w/wheels 2022302272/T50-12V-COOLER

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Out on the road, portability is critical.

With our 12-volt electric cooler, you don't have to worry about stocking your unit with ice or when it will run out.

Our cooler provides the cooling temperature you need by utilizing 12-volt technology and gets cool fast without much waiting. How does 12-volt work? By utilizing 12-volt power, our cooler's capabilities will last long into use, and with fast charging, it can be back up and running quickly. With our included DC to AC adapter, your cooler can plug right into a standard wall outlet and charge no matter your location and even right in your RV!

What features set our Everchill 40 Quart 12 Volt Electric Cooler apart from other models? Our cooler is built for durability and to last the rigors of camping life. Engineered with a fully insulated body, antivibration design, and a fully plastic casing ensures the Everchill cooler will be able to withstand the punishment it can be dealt outdoors and while traveling.

If you want a spacious, electric cooler for your time away from home, in the RV, or out on the road for cross country trips, the Everchill 40 Quart 12 Volt Electric Cooler is the one you need!

  • Easy Charging – AC to DC Adapter is included
  • Secure Storage – Anti-leak inner tank
  • Digital Temp. Display – Electronic LED reading to precise temperature control
  • Dual Temp. Control – Two temperature control system for both frozen and cold
  • Cold Powerhouse – Fully insulated body to ensure even the coldest temperatures with ease
  • Removable Basket – Grab all of your contents with drop-in baskets
  • Reinforced Handle – Easy to move and maneuver
  • Wheels – Take the cooler wherever you go with ease
  • Capacity - 40 Quart
  • Voltage – 12-24V DC
  • Input Power – 45 Watts
  • Height – 18.18 in - Length – 28.13 in - Width – 15.6 inch
  • One-year warranty from date of purchase of the RV to the original owner

Note:  Replacement parts are not available for this cooler.

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