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The Best Griddle Just Got Better: Check Out Our Pizza Oven Attachment!

Easily attaches to Way's 17" combo griddle and grill to provide even more versatility in an outdoor and indoor cooking appliance.

The unique arched design and embedded pizza stone base help distribute and circulate heat from the griddle burners to prepare a mouthwatering pizza with a perfectly crisp crust, gooey melted cheese, and all the toppings your crowd could want.

This pizza oven attachment is not intended for stand-alone purchase. This should only be purchased along with the 17" Combination Griddle and Grill or for customers who already have the griddle base.

  • Compact design - the added pizza oven is small and easy to store in your RV kitchen without taking up too much added space
  • Versatility - Our 17" combo griddle and grill is already versatile, but with the added pizza oven attachment, you can take your road trip meals to the next level.  
  • Portability - With the added ability to take your griddle/grill combo and pizza oven out of the RV, your pizza can be enjoyed inside, our outdoors with a view.
  • No delivery - Never worry about if the delivery guy can make it to your campsite again!
  • Dimensions - 14.25" x 17.12"
  • Height - 6.5"
  • One-year warranty from date of purchase of the RV to the original owner

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