Furrion 2-Burner RV Induction Cooktop - 21" Black Glass - 2021128858

Sale price$465.70


The Furrion RV induction cooktop cooks food faster and safer with better efficiency. The cooktop detects when a pan is in place and transfers heat directly to the cookware.

Quick Facts:

  • Magnetic induction heating for safer, more efficient cooking
  • No gas flame or electric heating element 
  • Automatic pan detection
  • Two cooking modes: power mode and temperature mode
  • Auto safety shut-off to avoid overheating
  • Can be installed flush into a countertop or placed on a table
  • Hot surface indicator
  • Cooking timer – 1 minute to 2 hours and 59 minutes
  • Modern black glass design
  • Climatesmart™ to protect against temperature fluctuations
  • Vibrationsmart™ reduces wear and tear from road conditions
  • Furrion Reference Number: FIH21G2A-BG

One-year warranty from date of purchase of the RV to the original owner


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