Water or Holding Tank Repair Service (Base Fee for cracks to 3" long)

Sale price$149.00


If you're driving your RV around and out on the open road there is a chance you will have a damaged tank, often from a tire blow-out.  We see all kinds of damage to holding and water tanks and a replacement tank may not always be available.  We have the tools and know how to repair most water or holding tank(s).

• Permanent Leak Proof Process.
• Replacement tanks can be hard to find and there are many obsolete tanks that are no longer available.
 Triple QC Check: Every tank we repair undergoes a rigorous Triple Quality Control Test.
 Air Tight:  Air is thinner than water, so we pressure test your tank by injecting air and spraying a special soap like solution on the seams to look for seal voids.
 Water Tight:  Once complete, we submerge your tank underwater and check for bubbles and leaks.

BASE FEE FOR A CRACK UP TO 3" IS $149.  Once we receive pictures and the damage details we will quote the total repair cost 

Email a pictures of your damaged tank with note on length of crack(s) or dimension of the hole(s).  Email the picture to help@elkhartrvparts.com.  Pictures can be texted to 574-903-0306 as well.

Questions? Contact us at (574) 675-6919!


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