10 Gallon RV Water Tank 17" x 14" x 9 1/2" (EPI 4352/W1652000) - In Stock Soon

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10 Gallon RV Water Tank 17" x 14" x 9 1/2"

This tank is manufactured for you when the order is placed. Returns are not accepted on special order products like this one. Elkhart Plastic tanks are manufactured to meet quality and health safety standards. With fewer impurities, these tanks are strong enough to take the bumps and bangs without compromising the security of your fresh water storage. Elkhart Plastics uses a process called roto-molding in which high-density plastic is rotated and molded into shape. This process creates a seamless tank in which the walls are of equal thickness, with no weak spots to cause trouble later. It is this process that has earned Elkhart Plastics the reputation for quality tanks. 

Unless otherwise specified in the tank print, this tank does NOT include any fittings. All RV tanks are custom built and there are many variations of fitting locations. Please note that if you want fittings for this tank you will need to provide a tank print schematic with the SKU number of the fitting(s) you want installed and the measurements for the exact location of that fitting.

The installation of the fitting requires a special spin welding process to ensure proper installation and a non-leaking tank. Professional installation IS recommended. We offer that service at an additional charge.

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