Everchill 4.5 cu ft 12 Volt Refrigerator Stainless Steel Doors w/Black Body WD-127FDC

Style: 2022302334/Left Hand Handle
Sale price$969.97



12V minifridge with BIG capabilities (choose left hand or right hand door)

Relying on takeout or dry foods can get old. With the added capabilities of an in RV refrigerator, you can whip up the delicious and nutritious meals your crew will love. Whether you are looking to add a fridge to your rig or replace an old fridge in need of an upgrade, we know the Everchill by Way 4.5 Cubic Foot 12V refrigerator will be the answer to your RV needs.

The Everchill by Way 4.5 Cubic Foot 12-Volt model is a superb minifridge option for RV owners who are ready to add 12V cooling to their home on the road. This model is great for a more compact vehicle with 4.5 cubic feet of internal storage and refrigerator and freezer compartments.

Internal storage is high-quality, glass, and adjustable to fit your desired layout. A vegetable drawer and door compartment for cans, condiments, and large bottles will keep things in place and secure while traveling. The freezer is spacious and perfect for storing frozen goods like meat, frozen food, or ice cream without worrying about thawing or melting.

Why choose a 12-volt model? When you are out in your RV, you don’t want to be constantly plugged in at the campsite. With 12-volt appliances, your off-grid capabilities are endless as long as you have the necessary power solutions.

Want cold food storage, but your RV kitchen size is limited? Let The Everchill by Way 4.5 Cubic Foot 12-Volt Refrigerator be the answer.

  • Quick cooling – Cools to temperature in under an hour
  • Glass shelving – High-quality and adjustable glass shelves
  • Frost-free – Removes common maintenance issues
  • Reversible door – Changeable for use on both sides to accommodate RV layout
  • Travel door lock – Keep your good secure while traveling
  • LED lighting
  • Dial temperature setting in the refrigerator compartment
  • No venting requires
  • Adjustable front legs
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Amp:  .8 amp
  • Exterior Color: Stainless
  • Dimensions: 43 1/2"H x 19"W x 21 1/2"D
  • Interior: 4.5 cubic feet
  • One-year warranty from date of purchase of the RV to the original owner



Right Hand Refrigerator Door:

As you face the front of the refrigerator the handle is on your left and the hinges are on your right. The door opens to the right.

Left Hand Refrigerator Door:

As you face the front of the refrigerator the handle is on your right and the hinges are on your left. The door opens to the left.

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