1" Pleated RV Shades - DAY - Custom Sizes Available

Size: 14"W x 24"H
Hardware: Inside Mount Hardware for RV
Sale price$31.90


Pleated Day Shades by UNITED SHADE are manufactured with a sheer fabric, which provides light and shade at the same time. Day Only shades would be used in applications where total privacy is not the primary function i.e., sun rooms, vans, etc. Depending on the fabric, there are varying degrees of transparency with this type of shade.   If you want to add privacy to your day shade, add a blackout liner (sold separately).

  1. Determine if the shade or blind will mount outside the window frame onto the wall (Outside Mount) or if the shade or blind will be mounted inside the window frame (Inside Mount). 
    Note: Most RV windows are Outside Mount.
  2. Outside Mount — Measure the width (across) of the area to be covered. Example: End of frame to end of frame plus 2” added for additional coverage. Inside Mount: Measure the exact opening size. The factory will make any necessary adjustments from your exact measurements to allow for inside clearance and ease of operation.
  3. Measure the length (drop) of area to be covered. Example: Top of frame to bottom of frame with an additional 2” for mounting above and below window.

United Shade will manufacture exactly the size you order. Take precautions with your measurements so entire window area is covered and allowances are made to assure a custom fit. If draperies or valances are already installed be sure your measurement for width allows the shade or blind to fit under the current window treatment.

Inside Mount Measuring Instructions

Inside mount shades and blinds are installed inside the window casing.

  • Measure the exact inside width of the window casing from left to right inside edge.
  • Measure the exact inside height of the window casing form top to bottom inside edge.
  • Do NOT take any deductions. Allowances are made at the factory to ensure fit.

 Outside Mount Measuring Instructions

Outside mount shades and blinds are installed outside the window casing. The shade or blind will cover an area larger than the window itself. 

  • Measure the exact width to be covered. Allow enough extra coverage to ensure proper light control and privacy
  • Measure the exact height to be covered. Allow for proper coverage.



Blinds ship direct from the blind manufacturer - United Shade.



  1. Install mounting brackets at top of window frame. Mount approximately 3″ in from the corner of the window. If you are using the Quick Install option, no brackets are necessary. Simply places screws directly through top rail into the predetermined holes. On shades 40” or wider use 3 mounting brackets, one in the center.
  2. Install headrail into mounting brackets by tilting front of the headrail in up position. Slide the hook of the mounting brackets into groove of the headrail. Then, push back of the headrail up until it snaps into the bracket. Quick Install option will skip this step.
  3. Allow the shade to hang down until the end of the cord retainer meets the bottom of the rail.
    Place the screw through the cord retainer and mount it directly below the bottom rail about ½” below the rail. This will create the proper tension to needed to properly operate the shade. The tension should be tight.
  4. If needed, adjust the tension by pulling on the cord string and re-tie the cord retainer.
Style Choices Manual – Pull Cord
Pleat Size Choices
Bottom Rail Option Fingertip Lift
Square Rail
Blackout Option 1 Stone for Night Shade
Blackout Option 2 Upgrade to add an additional blackout layer
Header Rail Color Options Yes
Length Range - 0" to 84"
Width Range - 0" to  92"

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