30 Gallon RV Holding Tank 60" x 28" x 6" Right end recessed drain (EPI 4273 or H1256)

Sale price$248.00


30 Gallon RV Holding Tank 60" x 28" x 6"  (Blank Tank w/no fittings, Fittings can be added per quote)

Not in Stock.  Can't wait?  Check out our 2872/H1129  - in stock and size 60"x28"x6-1/8".

Wall thickness is 0.180"

Elkhart Plastic tanks are manufactured to meet quality and health safety standards. With fewer impurities, these tanks are strong enough to take the bumps and bangs without compromising the security of your fresh water storage. Elkhart Plastics uses a process called roto-molding in which high-density plastic is rotated and molded into shape. This process creates a seamless tank in which the walls are of equal thickness, with no weak spots to cause trouble later. It is this process that has earned Elkhart Plastics the reputation for quality tanks. 

PLEASE NOTE: All returns are subject to approval.   

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