Greystone 25" Grill & Griddle Combo, LP Gas 2022302193/HF2519A-3 IN STOCK

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25" Griddle and Grill Combo with Cast Iron Griddle and Cooking Grate

Versatile and Big for Outdoor or Indoor Cooking

How can you make sure your portable cooking needs are met with a versatile, powerful, and precise appliance no matter where your trip takes you? Consider the Greystone by Way 25-Inch Combination Griddle and Grill, specifically engineered to provide top-quality cooking capability on the road. 

We have designed our Combo Griddle and Grill to meet the needs of every RVer. Whether our biggest combo unit is used in the kitchen or outdoors, it will take your cooking abilities to the next level and provide those memorable camping meals your crew will remember for a long time. 

Many can't decide between a griddle or a grill for portable cooking, but why choose? We have a versatile solution that we know you RVers will love, and with its added portability, you can cook anywhere! Sometimes the best cooking surface for your desired meal is a crackling griddle top that's great for pancakes, fajitas, or fried rice. Other meals, like hotdogs, steaks, or grilled veggies, call for those grill marks that we all know and love.

How does it work? The 25-inch combo model is built for speed with both cook tops side by side. The griddle is best for that grilled meat where you want grill marks like burgers, chicken, grilled salmon, and even vegetables and fruit! Use your griddle surface for things like breakfast and making delicious pancakes, eggs, french toast, sausage, and more.

Our combo model comes with three single knob ignitors for precise temperature control. Each burner discharges 12,000 BTUs for a total cooking capacity of 36,000 between both cooking surfaces. 

Power, precision, size, and versatility are unmatched with the Greystone 25-Inch Combination Griddle and Grill - We know you're going to love it! Check out our overview video here to learn more!

  • Our Largest Combo Model - Over 400 square inches of cooking area
  • Two Different Cooking Surfaces - cast-iron flat top griddle and grill in one
  • Easy Cleaning - Multiple drip and crumb trays for quick clean up
  • Quick Set-Up - Fast start with connect/disconnect gas hook-up
  • Easy Storage - Easy to store for countertop use
  • BTUs - 3 burners - 12,000 each
  • 400+ Square inches of cooking surface

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