Everchill 10.7 Cu Ft 12 Volt Refrigerator, Darker Stainless Steel w/Travel Lock BCD280WEV804H-6

Style: 2022302037 - Left-Hand Swing BCD280WEV804H-6/LHH
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The Original 12V RV Refrigerator  (choose left hand or right hand swing door)

Upgrade your RV’s comfort and convenience with the industry’s first 12-volt refrigerator. Store more and keep your cold foods fresh with Everchill by Way’s 11 Cubic Foot 12-Volt fridge, the first engineered and designed for use in a recreational vehicle.

Way has been an innovator of the 12-volt fridge for RV use. While others in the industry doubted 12-volt battery power as a usable source for appliances, we worked through the common issues and brought the first RV-specific model to market. The first and only frost-free 12V fridge, our trusted model, has been delivered to more RVs than any other on the market.

12-volt models, like our 10.7 cubic foot, are ideal for the vehicle owner looking to take their rig off the grid and boondock for days away from shore power.

Our 10.7 cubic model has both a full fridge space and a top freezer and is perfect for the RV owner who wants a bit of fridge space. This model is sustainable with two deep-cycle batteries and solar panels for off-grid charging.

Give the industry’s leading 11 cubic foot 12-volt a try and see why many RV owners trust Everchill by Way.

  • Gets cold fast – Cools to temperature in under an hour
  • Large capacity – Nearly double the capacity of other RV fridges
  • Frost-free – Less maintenance and potential issues
  • Reversible door – Changeable for use on both sides to accommodate RV layout
  • Travel door lock – Stays secure during travel
  • LED lighting
  • Digital temperature settings
  • No venting required
  • Adjustable glass and front legs
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Dimensions: 23 1/2"W - 25 3/4"D - 59 3/4"H
  • Interior: 10.7 cubic feet
  • Weight: 119 lbs.
  • One-year warranty from date of purchase of the RV to the original owner

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Left Hand Refrigerator Door:

As you face the front of the refrigerator the handle is on your right and the hinges are on your left. The door opens to the left.

 Right Hand Refrigerator Door:

As you face the front of the refrigerator the handle is on your left and the hinges are on your right. The door opens to the right.


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