100 Watt Solar Panel Expansion Kit by Elite 2022302362/7MYY-0100-P IN STOCK

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Let your time away last longer with the 100 Watt Solar Panel Expansion Kit 

 The Elite 100W expansion kit is engineered with highly efficient solar cells and harnesses sunlight in all conditions. Our kits are reliable for power stability while disconnected from shore power and give your rig the opportunity to still run necessities while unplugged. 

Most RVs now come with a standard solar hookup and panel to assist owners when offshore power. With an expansion kit from Elite by Way, you can power appliances, electronics, and more using solar power while off the grid. With Elite's 100W panel and the included y-connectors, you can upgrade your RV's existing 50W panel for up to 150W of solar charging capability.

Docking in public is free of charge, and depending on your solar system, you can hang there for several nights.

For information about adding a solar expansion kit to your vehicle, check out our overview video for a step-by-step installation instruction video.

  • Built to Last – Built to last for years of solar power charging
  • Increased time off the grid – Expand your solar capability for longer off-the-grid time
  • Efficient Power – Keep your lighting, appliances, and electronics running more efficiently
  • Ready for Installation – Y cords included to add on to your current RV solar system
  • 100W Capacity – More power for sustaining vehicle appliances and more
  • One-year warranty from date of purchase of the RV to the original owner

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