1-1/4" (1.284") Round Red Polypropylene Plug T-14X (In Stock)

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Need a cap or a plug?  This tapered cap/plug will keep your tank clean from dirt and debris.   It is easy to install and remove.  May be used for MIL Spec, SAE-type fittings, hydraulic and threaded or non-threaded fittings.

Material: Low-density polyethylene or Flex Temp (thermoplastic rubber)
Service Temperature: LDPE: -94 - 175° F (-70 - 79° C) | Flex Temp: 0 - 300° F (-18 - 148° C)
Standard Color: Red
Applicable Specs: NAS 834

Sold in Each

Dimensions (see drawing)

Dim A (in):  1.175

Dim B (in):  1.284

Dim C (in):  1.113

Dim D (in):  1.222

Dim E (in):  0.630

Dim F (in):  1.440


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