Fittings Installation Service (Spin-Weld Base Fee)


Fittings Installation Service (Spin-Weld Base Fee)

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If you're already purchasing an RV holding tank from us, chances are you will need the fittings installed specific to your application.  We have the tools and know how to custom spin-weld your fittings in place exactly where you need them.

Why use our custom tank welding process for your fittings?

• OEM Certified Application Process.
• Get your tank the same way it was installed the day you bought it.
• Permanent Leak Proof Process.
• Tank welding ensures no seam or void can develop at your fitting which is a traditional stress point.
• Simple For You.
• The tools and training to custom spin weld fittings onto a holding tank are expensive.
• Let our staff do it for you to get it right the first time.
Triple QC Check: Every tank we add spin welded fittings to undergoes a rigorous Triple Quality Control Test.
Impact Proof:  Your fittings will be tested for durability to ensure a permanent seal has been made.
Air Tight:  Air is thinner than water, so we pressure test your tank by injecting air and spraying a special soap like solution on the seams to look for seal voids.
Water Tight:  Once complete, we submerge your tank underwater and check for bubbles and leaks.

Once added to your order, you will need to email us a fittings installation schematic (picture / drawings) with exact location and measurements where you want them installed and which fittings in their locations.  Without this information your tank will be delayed. 

Email your schematic (picture/drawing) to or fax it to (574) 293-7004 - please include a cover sheet with ATTN: Elkhart RV Parts Spin-Welding

Questions? Contact us at (574) 675-6919

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