TV5-005H Portable TV Mount w/Swivel Extension - 25 lb. capacity - IN STOCK

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Portable TV Mount w/Swivel Extension

Move your TV to different locations in your RV with this versatile wall TV mount. The TV stays mounted to a portable plate that easily slides into place on a swivel extension-arm docking station or flush-mount plate. That means entertainment anywhere you want it – inside or out.

  • Docking station with swivel extension
  • 9" extended arm
  • Flush-mount docking station
  • 25 lb. weight capacity
  • TV mounting plate
  • Extended arm docking station
  • Flush-mount docking plate
  • Installation hardware
  • Installation instructions

Watch TV from anywhere inside or outside your RV with this portable TV wall mount. Easily slide your TV onto docking stations in different rooms. An extension arm that swivels gives you plenty of options for the right viewing position. Or save space by mounting your TV or monitor on a flush-mount docking station.

SAVE SPACE AND MONEY with one TV and multiple docking stations 

MOVE YOUR TV where you want it – even outside

GET THE IDEAL VIEWING POSITION with swivel extension arm 

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TIGHT SPACES with flush mount docking station


  • Overall: 6.5″H x 4.75″W x 10.5″D


  • 75×75
  • 100×100

Click HERE for installation instructions.

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