TV5-003H Portable Full-motion TV Mount - 25 lb. capacity - IN STOCK

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Portable TV Mount

Move your TV from room to room in your RV with multiple docking plates for this full-motion wall TV mount. The extension bracket gives you a full range of motion to swivel and tilt your TV or monitor in place. It’s the ideal way to watch TV from anywhere you want – even outside!

  • Full-motion mount
  • 8" extension arm
  • Portable mounting plates
  • Swivel and tilt adjustment
  • 25 lb. weight capacity
  • Portable mounting plates (2)
  • TV mount
  • Installation hardware
  • Installation instructions

Shipping weight: 5 lbs.

Watch TV from anywhere in your RV – even outside – by installing multiple mounting plates for this full-motion TV wall mount. The extension arm gives you a full range of motion from side to side. Swivel and tilt the bracket for a full range of viewing options. 

EASILY MOVE TV from room to room – even outside

ADJUST ANGLE with full-motion extension arm

GET THE IDEAL VIEWING POSITION with swivel and tilt adjustments

SAVE SPACE AND MONEY with one TV and multiple docking stations


  • Overall: 6.75″H x 5″W x 9″D


  • 75×75
  • 100×100

Click HERE for installation instructions.

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